sobota 19. listopadu 2016

Když je slabý déšť a mrholí. / When it is weak rain and drizzle.

Máme nyní deštivé počasí. Pro fotografa to je dobrý zdroj inspirace. 
(Tento je pořízen mobilem).

3 komentáře:

PerthDailyPhoto řekl(a)...

Oh this looks so appealing to me Petro, it is 41C here in Perth today, I like your day better ☺ wishing you all the best for 2017!

PerthDailyPhoto řekl(a)...

You are right Petro, the cold winter weather is so perfect for the photographer.. all I have is sunshine and blue sky 😊😊

PETRO50 řekl(a)...

Thank you for the comments. Winter here already tired of it. Month are frosts. Only in the last days is slightly warmed up. Send some sun and heat.