středa 12. října 2016

Mezi bloky domů / Between the blocks of houses

Chladný podzim a poslední květiny na záhonu v malém parku mezi domy v centru města Hradec Králové.
(Fotografie mobilním telefonem).

2 komentáře:

Lowell řekl(a)...

Greetings, Peter! Thank you for visiting Ocala and for your nice comment. It seems that life goes well for you and that's good! These are beautiful blossoms to close out the summer days. You say it's chilly there. We're looking forward to "chilly" because it has been a very hot summer and because our winters are quite nice here.

Take good care and come back again!

PerthDailyPhoto řekl(a)...

What a wonderful sight Petro, so already it gets cold there. We are beginning to warm up a little bit here in Perth ☺ Happy weekend.