pátek 29. července 2016

Vidím tě. / I can see you.

Stále ve střehu, jako správná kočkovitá šelma.

4 komentáře:

Marco Luijken řekl(a)...

Hello Petro,
What a wonderful picture. Great how you've photograph this cheetah.
I like them so much.
I always go to a safaripark in the Netherlands. You can drive with your own car and see them very close.

Kind regards,

francesca řekl(a)...

Oh oh, sembra essere curioso e diffidente. Molto bello!
Buona estate.

PETRO50 řekl(a)...

Marko,I photographed a leopard in the enclosure of the ZOO. The Leopard was after lunch and he was calm. I love animals. Have a nice summer.

Lowell řekl(a)...

Uh oh...don't wake up the kitty! She's beautiful and it's a beautiful photo! I'm glad to know that she was in a zoo, so she didn't chase you and your camera!