sobota 22. listopadu 2014

Noční vylodění (Drvenik - Chorvatsko) / Night disembarkation (Drvenik - Croatia)

(Fotografie z ruky)

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Lowell řekl(a)...

Greetings, Peter! Thought I'd stop by and see what you've been up to! I like this photo very much. It's rather eerie, though. I would want to know where I was going when I got off the ferry!

PETRO50 řekl(a)...

Beautiful bench, I would like to sat for. Probably here sits the wedding guests, right? Pretty well done photo. Lawell, thank you for all the comments on my blog. I wish you much health.

PETRO50 řekl(a)...

Fotografováno bez stativu. Byl jsem opřen pouze o blízké zábradlí.